Glock 19 CT green laser on CZ P10C

Glock 19 CT green laser adapted to CZ P10C pistol

Glock 19 CT green laser adapted to CZ P10C pistol – a quick and easy adaptation – any one can do it.

I am a laser guy… cause I’m old and need reading glasses so my sights are fuzzy looking but I can still make due when shooting. But like lasers now due to this.

Well I also like my CZ guns and I am a “make it if I can not buy it” kinda guy being a machinist, I think I can make anything, not always but…

So I found a cheap used Glock 19 CT green laser on fleabay and snagged it for 80 bucks.

I intended to “deconstruct” it and remake it modifying it to fit my CZ P10C by grinding it out to fit the trigger guard then rebuilding it with epoxy and then using this to make a proper mold.

Next step would be to use liquid polyurethane and cast a new proper laser housing custom made for my CZ P10C

The laser was for a gen 4 glock 19 pistol, laser was made in 2013 – that is the date on it so Gen 4 glocks were made in 2013 era? Imagine my surprise when it basically bolted right on with about 10 minutes of filing with a larger file then a small needle file.

I would slide for and aft about 1/8 or so. No problem, got some JBWeld epoxy paste, mixed it up and filled in the space and viola, a CT laser for my P10C.


Feels vary solid as in, it should hold zero at least as well as if it was on a glock. Only way to tell is shoot it. The laser was easy to adjust for zero, no problem at all, got it lined up with the sights, I know it will need final adjustment at the range but with plenty of adjustment left, I only had to crank it about 3/4 to 1 turn to get it lined up.

I am pretty darn happy with it so far. I will probably redo the spot of putty that spaced the button out from the grip so it looks a little better or remove that and sand the exterior so it is more even looking.

I used JB Weld Steelstik epoxy putty for filling the internal trigger guard space between the P10C trigger guard and the CT laser. It cures as you knead it and it goes from full soft to full hard quickly after you kneed it for about 3 minutes and/or it turns all one dark color. It might take a few tries to find the perfect point where you stop kneading and start pushing it into the space around the trigger guard. If you time it wrong it suddenly turns hard and your only 3/4 done and have to mix up another blob. This is why the button spacer is not perfect looking.

The epoxy putty acts as a spacer only and does not stick to the plastic of the laser of gun. This will allow the spacer you make to be removed and sanded for appearance if you like. I might try that or might just take a few more shots and getting the button spacer section redone so it looks a bit better.

I also want to try making that spacer with a extended finger pad so as the CT button lower section ends, the epoxy extends that and makes a full finger width pad for a little better button activation. I don’t think this will be a problem for my fingers fitting the grip but no matter, I can remake that section as needed until I like how it looks and feels.

To make this work I had to file down the tabs in the rear of the CT laser where it wrapped up around the glock trigger guard at the spot where trigger guard meets the grip. On the glocks this part of the trigger guard does not flare out, on the P10C it does flare out, see photos.

The CT laser housing that wrapped around the trigger guard at that location had to be filed down to reduce the height of tabs that wrap up, also to allow for the P10C trigger guard flare. Filed it slowly bit by bit and test fitted until it fit well.

At that point the laser would clamp on & slide forward and back about 1/8 or a little less. I had to file with a needle file to allow for the larger flair of the P10C vs the glock trigger guard. Next I filled the extra space with JBWeld Steelstik epoxy putty to hold it in place to the rear as far as possible, then added epoxy putty behind the button area where it is supposed to meed the grip, this provides support for the activation button. See photos.

Note there is a seller on fleabay selling what appears to be exact copies of the older design CT green laser. Here is a link. I have no affiliation with this seller and do not know the quality of the laser.