Holster fit

Do the holsters from some Kydex holster makers wear finish more than others?” is a resounding yes.

Kydex shrinks when it cools so if the holster maker does not account for this the fit will be tight and ware the finish on your gun more.

Too much Tightness of fit is a problem because you have to use the retention adjustment screws to try and loosen the fit. This results in your trigger guard retention not working properly.


There are 2 important details I found when making a holster and having it fit correctly.

First detail is adjusting the holster mold thickness so after the kydex shell is formed the gun can easily slide right in without fitting “too tight”

Second detail is how close the kydex comes to your trigger in the trigger guard – how much is the mold trigger guard area filled in and how is the retention divot made in the trigger guard area.

The gun should slide in all the way to the point just before it pops and is held in place and be snug but NOT TIGHT, next as the gun seats into the holster you should here a distinctive pop.

Friction level when the gun slides down in the holster should be snug. Snug means no play or vary little play or side to side movement.

If fit is too tight before the gun seats in the holster and you here the pop of the trigger guard retention the mold the holster maker used is setup or made wrong or his manufacturing process allows for too many variables.

His Monday mourning holsters are not going to be great fitting holsters and are going to wear your guns finish more.

Friction does that – produces wear as the gun is pushed in and pulled out. Different manufacturers are going to make their holsters fit differently thus produce wear on your gun differently.

New holsters: Test your holster when it arrives.

Adjust it for your desired retention level. If after you make that adjustment the gun seems to fit tight or there seems to be a lot of friction getting the gun into the holster, in my opinion, you should return it as this is a problem and that holster is going to wear your guns finish more then it should over time.