Remington R51 OWB 1

Remington R51 OWB holster prototype:

  • Reconfigurable and fully adjustable for belt loop height and retention.
  • Belt clips can be flipped to other side to change draw.
  • Belt clips can be adjusted for holster angle/cant.
  • No sweat guard as OWB your shirt acts as sweat guard – no skin contact. Also the sweat guard sticking up can jab you in the ribs if you remove the gun and set in your car. Lastly the sweat guard can interfere with your draw.

Made with heavy 1/8th kydex. Aluminum side inserts to make the holster stronger and stabilize it. The aluminum inserts instead of rubber spacers also allows the screws to be vary tight so they are less likely to loosen and fall out. Has 2 retention adjustment screws.

Makes a nice click/thunk when the mold gun seats inside the holster. Heavy 1/8 kydex version with aluminum spacers should be a life time holster.

Other versions of this holster will include this exact same one without the aluminum spacers, it will use rubber spacers. Could also be a version with washer style spacers. Another version will be made with .90 thinner medium duty kydex for lower cost.